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BUBBLES DOG GROOMING of Rowhedge, Colchester, Essex

Bubbles dog grooming offers regular skilled dog grooming by our expert dog groomer. Dog grooming is the secret to a calm, comfortable and happy pet, and since you will be the proud owner of a great looking well cared for pet, it's the secret to a happier you too. Aside from boosting your dogs appearance, grooming and clipping offers a whole host of benefits to your dog. It stimulates their skin, releasing natural oils which help keep their coat looking its best, and helps them cope with the changing seasons – especially long-haired breeds. After all, who wants to face summer in a thick fur coat?

Dog groomers near me

A calm and relaxed atmosphere in quiet surroundings. As a dog groomer offers a wide range of grooming techniques including hand scissoring, clipping and hand stripping. There is also a dog friendly garden for your dog to take toilet breaks. And plenty of toys and a ball pit to play and make your dog feel at ease.

Bubbles Dog Grooming Colchester is based in the little riverfront village of Rowhedge just across the river Colne from Wivenhoe. Rowhedge has a sailing history and hosts a regatta every year. With lovely walks along the river front to Fingringhoe it's a dog's paradise. So why not see the sights of why your dog is being groomed. At your local friendly dog groomers near me.

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All grooms include nails clip/cut, fragrance spritz, and free dog accessory Find out more

Why does a dog need regular grooming

    We groom our dogs to promote healthy coat regrowth. Regularly skilled grooming eliminates dead coats, making it easy to maintain a shiny, healthier coat. 

    We all have hectic lives, with jobs, children, livestock, and other responsibilities, and against our best efforts, our dogs will get knotty or matted at times; this is nothing to be ashamed of! That is why, at Bubbles Dog Grooming, we have aid, advice, and resources to help prevent issues from recurring.  

     From basic grooming to full grooms, we've got you covered. We should devise a grooming plan together, based on each person's lifestyle and how much, if any, grooming you to want to do at home. If you don't have time to groom, don't worry; we will do it for you on a regular basis.

     Since there is little circulation, a matted dog's skin may become infected with bacteria, resulting in skin infections. Depending on the severity of the matting, clipping the dog's coat might be the only solution.

     Your dog's wellbeing and safety are no longer jeopardized once you've developed a regular grooming routine.

COVID-19 update

I have done a Covid 19 certificate and have put some strict procedures into my salon in which I work on my own. I will have in place outside my door hand sanitizer for you to use before entering. Once inside reception there will be a crate against my stable door. Please take your dogs harnesses and leads etc off before putting your dog inside and lock the crate door. Take your dog's harness and lead with you. My consent form will be on the table in reception for you to fill in and sign. Once you have left reception I will open the bottom of the barn door which will be the only way your dog can exit and take your dog straight into my outside enclosed patio to wee/feel at ease. Then straight into the bath for 2/3 good washes. I will call you 15 minutes before completion of full groom to give you time to walk to me for collection. The crate will be disinfected before your dog goes back in. On arrive please disinfect your hands before entering using my hand sanitizer. Payment to be made by PayPal or bank transfer on collection. Please ensure the salon door is properly closed before opening the crate door.

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Unit 5, 39 High street, Rowhedge, Colchester, Essex, CA CO5 7ET,  |  Tel: 07376705405

Bubbles dog grooming near me in Colchester.

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