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How to clean dog's ears.

Did you know that as part of your dog's health care routine, you should check their ears at least once a week?

This will allow you to quickly detect any issues, such as infections or ear mites, which can demand ear cleaning. Cleaning the ears of the majority of dogs is a once-in-a-while procedure. This can become a regular activity for dogs with floppy ears, dogs who like to swim, or dogs who have ongoing skin allergies.

Would you know what to do if your vet told you to clean your dog's ears? Your dog should be used to getting their ears cleaned from the time they were a puppy, but this isn't always the case, so here's a fast guide on how to clean your dog's ears.

What's required.

  • The first step is to double-check that you have everything you'll need to clean your dog's ears. This involves ear cleaner and wet cotton wool, as well as ear drops recommended by your veterinarian.

  • It would be easier to clean your dog's ears on the floor if you have a big dog, and it might be easier to clean them on your lap if you have a small dog. In certain situations, using a second pair of hands to hold your dog quiet while you clean their ears is preferable.

Getting started.

  • To see the inner part of your dog's ear, lift it with one hand and hold it with your thumb and forefinger.

  • If you haven't yet seen a veterinarian, check your ear for any redness, discharge, or smell. Light brown wax is normal; however, if the discharge is red, pus-coloured, or black, it could imply an infection that usually requires veterinary care.

  • To begin, gently clean the ear with a piece of damp cotton wool to remove any dirt or wax from the ear pinna and the ear canal entrance.

  • Insert the applicator tip into the ear canal to administer the ear cleaner. Since these are made specifically for dogs' ears, you're less likely to injure the ear drum, but you can avoid inserting the tip too far into the ear.

  • If there is some residual ear cleaner left in the canal, brush it away with damp cotton wool.

  • If you've seen your vet and need to use ear drops, follow the directions on the prescription and apply them once you've done cleaning. This ensures that the drops reach the ear rather than remaining on the ear canal's outer surface.

  • Cotton buds should not be used because they can be inserted too far into the ear canal, causing harm.

  • If you find any irregular discharge, consult your veterinarian because it may be more than just ear wax.

  • If your dog isn't comfortable with you cleaning their ears, don't push it or you'll end up hurting yourself and your dog. There are always trained nurses ready and able to assist you in cleaning your dog's ears in practices.

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