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Natural products for treating dog's allergies .

Firstly I would like to start by saying that this post is by no means to replace you getting professional veterinary care for your dogs and if in doubt please firstly get them seen too.

Some of you have mentioned health issues with your dogs. My Cockerpoo Bubbles suffers with allergies and itches. She bites her paws and rubs her ears raw. After numerous vet visits and medication given I have found that there are some natural ways which help.

I order Colloidal Silver Gel (but there are other products by Collidal Silver) and put some on Bubbles paws, all inbetween pads and she stopped itching immediately.

Another product I use for Bubbles is Thornit Powder which has cleared up her ears and heals the sore skin.

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Bubbles Dog Grooming
Bubbles Dog Grooming
12 Νοε 2020

Great advice thanks 👍

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