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I have done a Covid 19 certificate and have put some strict procedures into my salon in which I work on my own. I will have in place outside my door hand sanitiser for you to use before entering. Once inside reception there will be a crate against my barn door. Please take your dogs harnesses and leads etc off before putting your dog inside and lock the crate door. Take your dogs harness and lead with you. My consent form will be on the table in reception for you to fill in and sign. Once you have left reception I will open the bottom of the barn door which will be the only way your dog can exit and take your dog straight into my outside enclosed patio to wee/feel at ease. Then straight into the bath for 2/3 good washes. I will call you 15 minutes before completion of full groom to give you time to walk to me for collection. The crate will be disinfected before your dog goes back in. On arrive please disinfect your hands before entering using my hand sanitizer. Payment to be made by PayPal or bank transfer on collection. Please ensure the salon door is properly closed before opening the crate door.

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