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Covid-19 Update

I would like to thank all of my customers for your kind wishes and support during this lockdown. Hopefully you are all still keeping safe at this difficult time. There have been some incorrect reports that some groomers are allowed to work but I must reiterate that it is not safe as you know many first line workers who use PPE have died. It’s not just about groomers washing the virus away. What about if groomers are asympomatic and still working then your fur baby goes back to you with the virus? No matter how careful a groomer is or a front worker is, there is still no certainty until we are tested or the number of deaths go down. Today there have been 763 deaths in hospitals not including care homes or homes. I would like you to all feel proud of yourselves tomorrow night at 8pm when you clap for the NHS and know you are helping do your bit for the NHS. Remember, keep brushing and combing. Thank you❤️

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Bubbles Dog Grooming
Bubbles Dog Grooming
12 de nov. de 2020

Good to know you're open again ,

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