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Different Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) hair styles.

The Yorkshire Terrier's Origins.

Yorkies originated in the northern English counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire in the mid-1800s, according to the American Kennel Club. Scotland's weavers are said to have gone to the north region, according to historians. During this period, they brought terriers from Scotland with them. This is not your typical Scottish terrier. The terriers that helped establish the Yorkshire Terrier in the 1800s are now gone. Other breeds including the Dandie Dinmont and Skye contributed to the development of the Yorkie. Some even claim the Maltese were included in the mix.

Yorkies began their lives as working dogs. They were developed to hunt down and kill mice in textile factories and coal mines. So, when did the Yorkie evolve into the beloved companion it is today? The Kennel Club of England did not recognise the breed until 1886. As a result, they shrank in size and evolved into the cute pets that we see around town.

When should a Yorkie gets their first haircut, what age should they be?

Yorkie's should be introduced to grooming at 4 months just to become accustomed to the grooming procedure of being groomed , washed and bathed . Normally just a puppy introduction at first .

Starting around the 4-month mark, you can have the hairs on your head shaped and the coat shaved close. If you plan on taking your Yorkie to a groomer, make sure he or she has received all of his or her puppy vaccines before going anywhere public.

How long does it take for a Yorkshire Terrier's coat to grow to full length?

Each dog's hair grows at a different rate and has a different capacity to reach floor length. In rare situations, a Yorkie's coat may not be able to grow so long; it may only reach a few inches above the floor. If it is not clipped at all, it might take 1.5 to 2 years for those who are able to (slight trims to keep ends healthy may be done). As a result, patience will be required.

What is included in a full groom.

Full check of your dog's skin condition - checking for lumps, bumps, ticks, cuts and grazes

  • Bathe your dog using organic shampoo

  • Coat is dried and brushed to remove dead undercoat

  • Coat is brushed and combed thorughouly

  • Coat is then trimmed and styled

  • Your dog's ears are gently cleaned with a natural ear cleaner

  • Nails are trimmed

  • Organic finishing spray is applied

Different Yorkie (Yorkshire terrier) styles

Schnauzer Trim

This doggie design is inspired by the Schnauzer, as the name suggests!

Trim your dog's moustache and ears a bit longer to get this look, leaving a tiny skirt of hair on the lower part of his torso and legs. Then clip the upper half of their body to a half inch, leaving a small "bib" on their chest.

This selection is perfect for the sophisticated Yorkie in your life, since it is both dignified and cute.

Yorkie Teddy Bear Cut.

Because Yorkies are such cuddly and friendly dogs, this cut is ideal for them. You won't be able to resist giving your dog a cuddle when they're sporting this look, much like you wouldn't with your favourite stuffed animal.

Fur is effectively clipped to the same length all over the body for this style, with the exception of the face, where the hairs are cut in a circular pattern to create the image of a cute teddy bear. It's time to snuggle!

Show Cut.

With long, luxuriant locks and a top knot, the Yorkie Show Cut is exquisite. This is the cut that the breed most commonly wears in American Kennel Club-sponsored dog shows, which is why it's known as the archetypal Yorkie cut.

Because it requires so much care to maintain, it isn't particularly common except in show dogs. Just keep in mind that you'll be brushing, and tangle-freeing their coats for a long time.

Puppy Cut.

The Puppy Cut is popular among Yorkies, most likely because it reflects the breed's gentle and playful nature.

Keep the hair roughly one or two inches long all over the body, including the head, ears, and legs, for this cut. This style is popular because it creates an angelic and attractive look without being too high maintenance (and it's practically tangle-free!).

Clip Off.

This is another popular cut, especially during the summer months. The hair on the torso is maintained very short, while the hair on the legs, tail, and head is kept a little longer.

The moustache and ears have been clipped to approximately a half-inch length, and the paws have been trimmed to appear nice and clean (and ready for action in the sun!).

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