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Now available at Bubbles Dog Grooming. Nagayu CO2 spa Skin Therapy

I am very excited to announce that Nagayu Treatment is now available at Bubbles Dog Grooming. Nagayu CO2 Skin Therapy Treatment increases blood circulation and oxygen absorption. Deep cleaning, odour removal, improves skin and coat condition, protects Ph levels, and aids healing.

What is the Nagayu Co2 Treatment?

Originally developed in Japan, the Nagayu Skin Therapy System consists of a compressed tablet of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and bicarbonate which is then inserted into a specialized shower head designed to deliver the treatment directly onto the pet’s skin. The tablet contains a special moisturizing supplement.

How are the benefits of the treatment?

Deep Cleaning and Odor Removing The CO2 treatment has the ability to remove mineral waste in clogged pores which causes odor while preserving the natural moisture levels in your dog’s skin.

Medical Issues and Allergies A dog’s skin is 1/3 the thickness of human skin. When the outer layer of the skin is damaged it can cause an imbalance in the skin’s pH levels resulting in scabs, yeast, and oil build-up. Using the CO2 treatment helps maintain the health and quality of your dog’s skin layers.

Improved Coat The effect of the bicarbonate ions , hydrogen ions, and citric acid wash off the mineral and silicon dirt clogged in the hair root. This results in a full, silky, and healthy coat.

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