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Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Doodles can have a range of coat types according to breed and generation. Some individuals have curly hair, while others have wavy hair or a combination of both. Some dogs shed a lot, while others don't shed at all. In any case, if you own a Doodle, you are well aware of how irresistibly cute they are. Even if you want to maintain that face fluffy and teddy bear-like for the rest of its life, Doodle haircuts are a must.

The hair of a doodle grows out longer than that of a typical dog. Some even claim that, like a Poodle, it never stops growing. Fresh haircuts, like human hair, will keep their coats healthy and well-maintained.

Although most Doodles "don't shed" (a lot), you should still bathe, brush, and give your Doodle trims to reduce allergies. If you or anybody in your household is allergic to pet dander, this is very crucial.

In any event, if you're planning on getting your Doodle groomed soon, this blog is a fantastic visual resource for assisting you in deciding which of the many Doodle haircuts to give them.

Popular doodle hair styles

Despite the fact that many Doodle owners do not want their dog to become "Poodle," most Doodles are genetically 50 percent or more Poodle. Poodles usually get their faces and feet cleaned, and their topknots are shaped using scissors. Poodles, on the other hand, come in a variety of trim styles.

The cuts mentioned here are ones that were created specifically for Poodles. Doodles, on the other hand, may have almost any Poodle cut style, and modifications on the head, paws, and tail can be done upon request.

Teddy bear cut

Teddy bear cut is a classic, trimmed style that looks wonderful on many fluffy dog breeds, including Doodles.

To get a fluffy look, the coat is trimmed with a longer blade or clipper guard, or scissored. A teddy bear cut is when a dog's hair is cut to the same length all over his body, including the head, ears, and tail. (If desired, the head, face, ears, and tail can be trimmed to a different length than the body.)

Along the dog's sides, legs, and feet, the teddy bear cut leaves soft layers of fur. Layers of rounded, fringed facial hair are trimmed. This cut style is great because it reduces matting, tangles, and allergens.

Teddy bear cuts

Lamb cut

When the body is chopped at a greater length as requested by the dog owner, it is referred to as a lamb cut. The legs are also scissored to fit in with the body, leaving them long and fluffy. Here are several lamb cut examples.

Though the lamb cut is more commonly associated with Poodles, Doodles have a natural affinity for it.

Poodle Cut

One of the most popular Doodle hairstyles is the Poodle cut. (Although it is occasionally undesired!) While this cut is most popular on Poodles, it is also suitable for Doodles because they are half Poodle.

The traditional Poodle cut, while there are numerous variations, typically cuts the hair around the belly and face. The legs, ears, and tail have been left thick and fluffy.

The lion cut.

Although the lion cut is most commonly seen on Pomeranians, it may also be seen on Doodles and other dogs with long, thick hair.

The objective of the lion cut, as you might expect, is to make the dog seem like a lion. This is accomplished by shaving the back of the torso and legs as short as possible. Poms are also placed around the tail's tip and the foot. To mimic a lion's mane, the hair on the front part of the body is also left long.

The clip off.

When your dog needs a clip-off cut, everything is shaved. It covers the entire body, including the head, ears, and tail. Due to poor matting, many Doodles will have this cut at least once in their lives.

The summer cut.

A Summer cut is when a dog's hair is cut to a consistent length over the entire body and comes with a clean face, clean feet.

Many individuals, however, misinterpret this word to indicate an all-over shave Your dog needs some hair to protect it from the sun and also keep them cool. The hair is trimmed short all throughout with a summer cut. The summer cut does tend to take away the characteristic Doodle appearance until the hair grows out again, but there are a few advantages to it:

  • Makes for a great summer cut to help keep your pup cool and comfortable.

  • Nice for people who don’t want to frequently maintain their Doodle’s hair (brushing, etc.).

  • Your Doodle is less likely to collect dirt, bugs, etc. in their hair.

  • No hair for poop to get stuck in (yuck!).

  • Accentuates a Doodle’s beautiful physique

Puppy cut

You may be familiar with the Doodle puppy haircut, which is one of the most popular and recommended haircuts for all Poodle crossbreeds. This is one of the most popular alternatives, whether you have a Cockapoo, Labradoodle, Aussiedoodle, or another breed because it's a basic and easy-to-cut style that makes your dog appear lovely.

Despite its name, the "puppy cut" is suitable for all ages of Doodle and does not result in excessively short hair. For at least the first year of your doodle's life, several expert groomers recommend that you utilize just this cut. It helps to preserve the hair's quality and smoothness while yet leaving enough hair for your dog to appear adorable.

Your Doodle will look so fashionable with the Puppy cut that no one will suspect you're employing this easy hairstyle. The puppy cut is a low-maintenance style that includes uniformly trimming your Cockapoo's hair 1.5 to 2 inches across their body.

Once the Doodle puppy haircut is in place, you'll just need to trim your Doodle's face every now and again to keep it looking great. This is a short cut, and the trick is to keep the length consistent from top to bottom. Around any part of the dog's body, there is no fancy pattern or distinctive cut.

This cut will make your Doodle seem young and fresh, regardless of their age. It's quite good, yet it's one of the most simple options available!

Cocker spaniel cut.

Because Cockapoos are half  Cocker Spaniel, it's only natural that you'd utilize the cut of one of their parents as inspiration. If your dog acquired primarily Spaniel DNA, we recommend the Cocker Spaniel haircut.

We should warn you that this is a high-maintenance cut. Because it leaves the hair long and thick, it will need to be trimmed, brushed, and maintained more frequently than other haircut alternatives.

You'll trim the hair around their eyes and face somewhat shorter for the Cockapoo Cocker Spaniel haircut, but leave the hair on their head, torso, and legs slightly longer. There is some attention to detail required here, and you may want to consult with your groomer to ensure that everything is done correctly.

Keep in mind that this cut will require more frequent care and trimming and maintenance every few weeks to keep it looking great. In between cuts, you may need to brush their hair.

Legs and feet.

Bevelled Feet.

This occurs when the hair on the feet is left long enough to match the length of the hair on the legs, giving the appearance of a single "straight" column across the leg and foot. There is no clear separation between the foot and the leg with bevelled feet, and the bottoms of the feet are rounded (fluffy and clean without displaying the nails). Beveled feet are also often associated with a specific Doodle haircut: the lamb cut.

Clean Feet.

When the feet are totally shaved, the nails and the entire foot up to the ankle area are exposed. Poodles' feet are normally kept clean.

Pom Pom.

This is a fashion cut that resembles spherical balls. Pom poms are worn at the bottom of the legs, just above the clean feet. Pom poms are only appropriate for dogs with curly, thick, or fluffy coats, such as Poodles and Doodles.

Round Feet.

The hair on the foot is scissored precisely to make them look round and fluffy. The nails are not visible on round feet.

Tight Feet.

Tight feet are in the midst of the clean and round foot spectrum. Tight feet are shaved close to the skin and maintain the feet free of matting. The nails are shown when the feet are too tight.

Different ear styles.

On your Doodle, you may choose from a range of ear styles and modifications. Because some of the ear styles don't have a conventional name, bring a photo in to show your groomer what you want done.

Clipped Ears.

This is when the ears are cut with a blade or a clipper comb to make them shorter. Ears that have been clipped allow you to observe the form of the ear.

Full Ears.

Is when the ears are neither shaved or clipped and are left long. Full ears, on the other hand, can be trimmed, layered, and cut blunt (straight along at the bottom) or rounded. You can also ask to keep your full ears but have them cut around the ear's outline to reveal the form.

Different tail styles.

In the world of dogs, there are a few different sorts of tails. The way the tail is combed is undoubtedly part of the package for some dog breeds that are intended to appear a certain way.

However, as stated at the outset of this post, Doodles may look wonderful with almost any tail grooming technique.

On your Doodle, you may choose from a range of tail styles and modifications. Because some of the tail styles don't have a conventional name, bring a photo in to show your groomer what you want done.

Flag Tail.

At the base of the tail, a flag tail has around 1-2 inches of very short or shaved hair. The tail hair closest to the body is the longest after this small gap, and then gradually taper down toward the tip of the tail. Doodles look fantastic with flag tails because they highlight their long, luxurious curls.

Pom Tail.

A pom tail is a tail with a shaved base and a ball on the end, similar to pom pom on the feet.

Plume Tail.

Plume tails may flaunt their thick, curly Doodle hair by allowing it to billow out cleanly but elegantly.

If you have a very specific cut in mind for your dog, be sure to bring in images for the groomer to see. This is the most effective technique to avoid any misunderstandings.

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