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Why is it so expensive to get a dog groomed.

I frequently listen; Should I come back in 30 minutes? How much is it?…. I regularly see a stunned face when I tell them the cost! Why is it so costly? Can you be doing it cheaper? On the off chance that I bring one dog can you be doing the other for a discount? My pet’s grooming costs more than my own hair! Putting esteem on dog grooming isn’t something you will know much about or have indeed thought of, but; “I needed to let you all into a small secret” Our pet prepping is really great value for the benefit you get. You are doing get extraordinary value for money and here is why!

Grooming a dog is a time-consuming service.

We can groom a few dogs in a day since pet grooming could be a time-consuming job, why?! Since we are managing with a live creature who has his/her behaver considerations and this changes everything! How long each dog takes, is variable. If we attempt to speed up the process most dogs will get frightened, on edge, and disturbed – this, in turn, makes the service indeed longer and stressful for the dog and also upsetting for the groomer. We ought to be more patient and have time together with our furry companions, so they will appreciate the grooming. I am beyond any doubt usually what your dog needs too? Of course, at that point, there are jobs to be carried out, showering, drying, conditioning, trimming nails, clipping scissoring bodies, heads, ears, legs, feet, tails, and backs. the list goes on! Another thing that makes the grooming service indeed longer is the dog isn't handled enough at home, regular brushing should help your dog to become more accustomed to being groomed and also avoids matting which will also reduce costs.

On arrival, you will be consulted

After you bring your dog to me, I will fill out a card marking out all your dog's needs and past history, medical, grooming needs, behavior, and life history. I will have a great outline of your dog's past experiences. We will talk about your dog's grooming needs and style and how this will be best accomplished.

I have overheads.

I have to pay rates, taxes, electricity, water, products, insurance, blades sharpened. etc...

I am a highly-skilled and have years of experience.

I worked for ten years in a grooming salon before I decided to open my own grooming parlour in 2016.

What I exactly do when your dog is in my salon.

When your dog comes into the salon, I will assess his mood, character, and health. We will get to know your dog and gain its trust. This makes the grooming much nicer for your dog so we can reassure them if they do get a little nervous.

I will begin by bathing and conditioning your dog, part drying your dog, removing any unwanted hair. And then drying what is left. We use several methods to achieve this, depending on the coat condition and temperament of the dog. Getting ready for styling can be a lengthy process.

Styling the coat is usually done when the coat is clean, dry, and conditioned. By now your pet will understand what is going on and be enjoying all the attention.

A lot of dogs, especially the small ones, don’t like their feet and legs being touched. We have various methods to get the legs, feet, and nails done, as you can imagine, this can take more time. We do have some magic tricks for this, but the best one is for the legs and feet to be touched at home on a regular basis; then this part of the grooming will be a lot less anxious for the dogs and a lot less time-consuming.

It is also beneficial for your dog to come to us regularly for grooming, so they know what is going on and get to know us. This always helps to reassure your pet.

All dogs go home with a beautiful bow and finishing cologne spray, and of course a cuddle. We will let you know how the grooming went for your dog and also highlight any issues we may have found or improvements that could be made for general coat care. Brushing at home has its benefits

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